7 Things We Do Better

Seven Reasons Why Companies in the Columbus Metro Area Trust WCI Technology Solutions to Support and Manage Their Computer Network

  1. We GUARANTEE a 30 minute response time to network emergencies. Your network suddenly takes a turn for the worst, for whatever reason- our Network Operations Center (NOC) will most likely be aware of the problem before you are. Either way, we will respond to your emergency in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.
  2. We give you a Help Desk housed here in the U.S. Call us as much as you want for immediate technical assistance. No more waiting hours for someone to call you back when you need help. Our certified engineers can assist you right over the phone, just call our toll-free support phone number.
  3. We use a “flat-fee” pricing structure, that brings you unlimited support. Our unique pricing model allows your company to easily and effectively budget for IT costs. There are no surprises at the end of the month, and no more hourly billing charges.
  4. We grow with your business. Our computer support services are designed to easily scale as we help you grow your business. With our predictable pricing model (see #3), it is easy to understand the IT costs of bringing on an additional employee, for example.
  5. We OWN your Network Problem, we don’t Point Fingers. When something goes wrong with your Internet service, phone systems, printers or other IT services, most Central Ohio IT firms say “That’s not our problem to fix”? Not at WCI, we feel WE should own the problem for our clients so they don’t have to try and resolve any of these issues on their own — that’s just plain old good service and something many computer companies can’t or won’t do.
  6. We are proactive. Unlike other computer support companies that wait for something to break so they can charge you more hourly fees, our goal is to make sure your computers don’t break down in the first place. So say goodbye to all that wasted time and lost productivity and just relax knowing that WCI is monitoring your network 24/7.
  7. We are far less expensive than hiring a full-time IT guy. Just run the numbers. By outsourcing your computer support to us, we can save you thousands of dollars on HR Costs, salaries, taxes, and benefits while giving you the expertise and experience of an entire IT Department.